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If you go to just about any American gym, you’ve seen guys who grunt and groan, arch their backs on the bench, and strain lats and shoulders doing preacher curls. An intense workout meant to maximize muscle gains becomes a potentially painful exercise in futility. We are not saying these guys are not dedicated, look terrible, or can’t pump some serious metal. We do wonder if they are gaining maximum benefit from their weekly 15-20 hours of lifting. When a company like Micronamin utilizes world class scientists to create top of the line supplements, like our 30-06 (thirty aught six) Nitric Oxide booster, it’s because we want our customers to maximize their potential in and out of the gym. Remember, most any pre-workout supplement or thermogenic, by definition are packed with amino acids, stimulants, and other metabolic enhancers.  The highest quality formulas like 30-06 will give you that turbo powered feeling and those rock hard results only if you follow the rules that make champions. We’re not talking rocket science here.  Use common sense; know what you put into your body and what you want to get out of your body. If you don’t take the most effective supplements, use proper form during your work out, drink at least a half gallon to a gallon of water a day, and get a good night’s sleep, you’re working at cross purposes.


Proper form is more than just good posture. When your back arches trying to get the third rep on a 300-pound bench, you risk spinal integrity and muscle pulls that’ll make your pecs feel like taffy. The more you lift, the more important good form is on the bench or in the squat rack. Leave your ego in the car. Cut 10-20 pounds off your max set and complete every movement in a slow fluid manner. In fact, take a full 2-3 seconds to complete each part of the lift, keep the spine stable and perfect your form. Try it for one month to maximize muscle gains. You will notice a sizable difference and won’t compromise your flexibility.


If you remember to drink 64 ounces of water a day, even during off days, you will flush out stimulants and other metabolic by-products—residuals of intense gym sessions and pre-workout formulas. Keep in mind proper hydration prepares muscles for intense exercise, detoxifies the body, and is crucial to facilitate blood flow to the target muscles.
The final step to maximize muscle gains is perhaps the most important for muscle density and overall good health — 7-8 hours of deep, refreshing sleep. Good sleep clears the mind, aids detox speed and efficiency, repairs muscle, and regulates vital signs.


No doubt you’ve picked up on the modern day lifter’s dilemma:
  • To get big or maintain an impressive cut, you need Micronamin’s highest quality, most potent products — M2 & 30-06
  • Those products contain unique metabolic enhancers and the highest quality ingredients so you can go beyond yourself in the gym…
  • Yet, you must constantly flush, via hydration, their residual by-products out of your system, IF…
  • You want to sleep well and wake up with the will and energy to do it all over again…
It is a dilemma solved only by an intelligent routine practiced consistently in the gym, the best supplementation—Micronamin products are American made, using only non GMO ingredients proven to increase output and consummate dedication.

Maximize Muscle Gains

maximize muscle gains

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