Nitric Oxide Benefits: Critical Role In Your Health

Nitric Oxide Benefits & Performance Nutrition

Nitric Oxide Benefits & Performance Nutrition | Micronamin Sports Nutrition

You go to the gym five days a week. You want all that lifting to mean something more than just increased stamina, occasional soreness, and eternal sweat… You buy the most expensive supplements… You do all that because you want your hot girlfriend to look at you and smile…If nothing else—you want to be hot for her! Thermogenics are essential to this end.

Purpose of Thermogenics

HEAT…When we talk about heat and human exercise and the universal struggle to remain lean and mean, we really mean how can we boost our metabolism to achieve our individual fitness goals. There’s a reason the phrase is “burning calories” and not ”freezing calories out” or ripping them away. It’s all about the heat. Thermogenesis is the process of burning fat during the human metabolic process. The more heat, the more accelerated the calorie burn; the more calorie burn, the sooner you have that tapered “V” look and that six pack. The catch is, maintaining that heat, burning more calories than you take in—consistently throughout the day– is not an easy goal to achieve because the older we get the more our metabolism slows down. Just one of nature’s cruel, but very real ironies Micronamin is committed to reversing.

Benefits of Thermogenics

Thermogenics are designed to provide several benefits—speed of delivery and desired results, increased motivation, and control of food cravings. M2—Micronamin’s extended release fat burner, our thermogenic—is specifically formulated to benefit those who workout intensely and are committed to burning the most calories per workout, and, perhaps, more importantly, before and after workouts. In short, M2 takes those benefits to another level. M2 will not only turn your metabolism into a fat burning, body sculpting blast furnace during your intense workout–but will burn fat and calories throughout your workday and after you visit the gym. This is exactly what sets M2 apart from the madding crowd of thermogenics in today’s market—it’s extended release properties. You will feel it working all day. You have passion for a high-intensity workout regime, you follow a strict diet so your smokin’ girlfriend sees how hot you are on the outside—you want results. Order a bottle of M2—turn up your heat. thermogenics


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