The Truth About Proprietary Blends

There has been somewhat of a bustle in the supplement world over the term “proprietary blends” and exactly what it means. Some of the leading supplement brands in the fitness industry make claims of proprietary blends being inferior to their “transparent full dosage ingredients” and claim the term is used to skimp the consumer to reduce costs. This article will discuss the truth about proprietary blends and explain how these claims are simply false in many cases and consumers should not immediately discredit the products containing them. From companies claiming to not require flashy marketing or offer lavish catch-phrase promises, they sure do a good job of using selective verbiage and bashing competitors to have consumers brainwashed into believing their product is the end all be all. Oddly enough, the products from these same companies have that pesky California resident label “contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer” with the same industry standard “these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration” tag at the end. So how does this effect you as the consumer? Allow me to explain and offer some advice on what to look for when purchasing products containing proprietary blends.

Truth about proprietary blendstruth about proprietary blends

It goes without saying when purchasing fitness supplements you shouldn’t just trust what companies tell you. While its true most of us are just trying to offer what we believe to be the best products to our customers, its important for the customers to understand what they are buying. You know the phrase: “Knowledge is power.” Lets take a look at our Advanced Nitric Oxide pre-workout supplement; .30-06 as an example. It is comprised entirely of “proprietary blends.” I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a very clever and innovative marketing scheme to recognize a large portion of fitness supplements use proprietary blends and figure out a way to catastrophically discredit them all in one fell swoop. It really is a genius ploy. However, it is important to understand as a consumer that most of these articles are doing just that. Attempting to discredit competition so you can conveniently fall back on their product which just so happens to not contain “proprietary blends.” I will outline the main arguments below.

Claims against proprietary blends:

  • Effective doses cannot be established
  • Proprietary blends alleviate accountability
  • Keep doses a secret to mislead the consumer
  While these points can be truthful to an extent, there is also a lot more to them. The most unbiased explanation I have personally found when it comes to the truth about proprietary blends can be read HERE. Written by the well respected fitness industry author Will Brink.

Point 1: Effective doses cannot be established

While it is true exact doses cannot be determined, especially if there is a laundry list of ingredients, this doesn’t mean you aren’t getting the important stuff you are paying for. Here are some tips to help you:  
  • Look at overall dosage content for each blend to see if it seems viable given the number of ingredients in the blend.
  • Research the effective main ingredients to see if there is a large enough dosage in the blend to cover what you SHOULD be getting.
  • ASK the company!!!
  Looking at the “Nitric Blast Proprietary Blend” in our .30-06 (thirty aught six), you can see it is the most abundant blend in our pre-workout pill per dose. It also contains the most essential ingredients you want in a Nitric Oxide supplement. So how do you know how much of each ingredient you are getting? Well, you don’t. This is where you have to look at a company’s reputation, read supplement reviews, and ask the company! Generally speaking, companies stay in business by providing products that work. If you purchase a bum product once, why would you purchase it again? Now, if you are buying a supplement for a specific ingredient and want to be sure the amount you are getting, most reputable manufacturers follow the FDA’s guidance on good manufacturing practice . This includes a certificate of analysis of their products. Basically, an exact breakdown over a large sample size of the exact quantities of ingredients per serving on average. Any reputable company will have access to this information and gladly answer the questions of potential customers. If you would like to know the breakdown of what is in our Advanced Nitric Oxide pre-workout pills READ HERE. This leads to the next point.

Point 2: Proprietary blends alleviate accountability 

truth about proprietary blendsThis is simply false in many cases. As mentioned before, reputable companies want you to be happy with their products and take customer care very seriously. Going along with requesting information from a company on their exact ingredients per serving, the fact of them providing you (or not providing you) with this information is a large testament in and of itself as to the type of company you are dealing with. When it comes to the truth about proprietary blends, you simply want to make sure you are getting the right amount of the right ingredients to serve the products purpose. All of this information ties in with the third and final point.

Point 3: Proprietary blends keep doses a secret to mislead the consumer

Obviously, its easy to see how a company could benefit from this. Sure, it would be easy for a company looking to scam a customer to skimp out on the key ingredients and hide the true content by throwing a “proprietary blend” together. This is why the previously mentioned tips are important. Again, they are:  
  • Reading product reviews
  • Gauging customer service by contacting the company
  • Researching the listed ingredients
  If you are looking for the best supplements at the best prices these are critical tips to follow. Knowing the truth about proprietary blends and why reputable companies use them is important. There are a few reasons. Hiding their exact doses from competitors is one, coming up with cool names like “Warrior Stimulant” is another. Also, manufacturing partnerships or other products made by the same company using different combinations of a particular blend cut costs inherently by combining ingredients in this way. Defrauding and lying to consumers is not the mark of a sustainable business model. As previously mentioned, messaging a company personally to ask exactly how much of each ingredient is in each dose is a good way to gauge the company’s honesty and dedication to their customers. truth about proprietary blends Now that you know the truth about proprietary blends it all comes down to what Will Brink’s article  says , the term “proprietary blend” isn’t inherently negative. The key thing to remember is to not sell yourself short! There is a reason top companies spend millions of dollars in advertising costs to lure you into buying their product. What better marketing ploy than to demonize over half of the competitors by brainwashing consumers into thinking proprietary blends are evil? Why spend top dollar for a product that claims they are the best simply because they “list the exact amount of ingredients per serving?” It is always best to ask questions and rely on your own knowledge! To read more about our tried and true Advanced Nitric Oxide pre-workout supplement, CLICK HERE. Use code “thirtyaughtsix” in cart for an additional 10% off!

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